November 29, 2012

seventeen months


once the boys passed the one year mark, i wasn't as routine with posting monthly updates. but this month? this month felt like it needed a monthly update.

our little nugget is still small. but his personality? oh, his personality is big. huge, even. and oh-so-loud! he's not afraid to use his voice in any way he can to communicate. whether he's fighting with his brother or screaming for more milk, we definitely hear him. and while jeremy and i were concerned about his speech, it seems as though it's starting to expand daily. his voice is the cutest thing i've heard (since we first heard cayden's voice, of course). and when he uses the words he has, his eyes get real big too. it's adorable and hilarious all at once.

little brother likes to think that he's as big as cayden. tries to do everything he does. we went hiking with both boys for the first time this past weekend. we had sawyer in a backpack for the most part, but when we let him loose, people, watch out. he thought he could scale the rocks all by himself. we let him try for sure (but were most definitely close to catch him).

i think sawyer's going to be a very passionate kid. i don't think he does anything half-heartedly. it's all or nothing with him. oh, and don't try to get on to him for acting up. he'll look at you with his big brownish-green eyes and stick out his lower lip and cry this most pitiful cry. it's so sad, but also so unnecessary that we can't help but giggle.

it's hard to believe that he'll be a year and a half next month. half way to two. geez, we thought cayden as a two year old was scary; i'm not sure what to expect with sawyer. yikes! but so exciting all the same. oh, sweet nugget, you're keeping us on our toes... but i guess we kind of like it that way...

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kara-kae james said...

Goodness they grow up SO FAST! 17 months already?? I can not be upset at an adorable pouty lip either. Too sweet :)

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