November 16, 2012

instaFriday [11.16.12]

what a week friends! i've been so quiet around here this week. that's usually a sign of things going on at home and in life in general. and well? that would be the case for this week. you see, tomorrow we're celebrating my sister and the upcoming arrival of my newest nephew, gage. so i've been madly preparing things all week for her shower tomorrow morning. i'm thrilled that i'm getting to throw her this shower as i also helped throw her first shower for my now seven year old nephew. so many friends are having babies and i'm so excited to squish all their faces. eek!

but anyway, that explains my lack around here this week. hoping to correct that next week. so for now, i leave you with some fun grabs from the past week.


jade letting us know it's too bright without blinds / little gifts of toddlerhood we find around the house / finishing the master
little butts in the air while napping / nana found my old mouse ears, cayden approves / nugget had an ear infection
sawyer masters the cob / little gifts for sweet little nephews / coloring before dinner

linking up with jeannette
life rearranged

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