November 2, 2012

a superhero, a ninja & a monkey, oh my


oh halloween. you're such a neat holiday for the kiddos. ok, and for the adults. we seem to have started a tradition last year of having my sister come over with our nephew. this year was no different EXCEPT that we got to start at my parents house (because they finally moved back to alabama!). we had some soup & grilled cheeses and went on our merry way. we got a bit of a late start i suppose as it was completely dark by the time we got going, but our boys were troopers and tried to hit up every house in the neighborhood.

sawyer even went up to a few doors, but then quickly became just as happy strapped in the stroller. he also had quite a little dance party in the stroller while my sister pushed him. it ::may:: have had something to do with the candy his daddy kept feeding him, but whatevs. everyone had a great time. & i'm most definitely looking forward to continuing this tradition again next year...

(also, someone please tell me why the 16 month old is the only one actually looking at the camera in the bottom set? these photos crack me up!)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Haha, love love them! All 3 of them! And it is very peculiar that Sawyer is the only one looking at the camera...silly boys!

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