November 30, 2012

instaFriday 11.23.12 & 11.30.12


baking / pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing / sawyer not eating
all the food / afternoons are for napping / cayden's first go at the wii


all my boys hiking / jeremy & sawyer on the cliff / me & sawyer walking
our little santa / 100+ inches of iron bowl / little nugget asleep before i could get jammies on
cayden's new way of bathing / roll tide / yes, please

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November 29, 2012

seventeen months


once the boys passed the one year mark, i wasn't as routine with posting monthly updates. but this month? this month felt like it needed a monthly update.

our little nugget is still small. but his personality? oh, his personality is big. huge, even. and oh-so-loud! he's not afraid to use his voice in any way he can to communicate. whether he's fighting with his brother or screaming for more milk, we definitely hear him. and while jeremy and i were concerned about his speech, it seems as though it's starting to expand daily. his voice is the cutest thing i've heard (since we first heard cayden's voice, of course). and when he uses the words he has, his eyes get real big too. it's adorable and hilarious all at once.

little brother likes to think that he's as big as cayden. tries to do everything he does. we went hiking with both boys for the first time this past weekend. we had sawyer in a backpack for the most part, but when we let him loose, people, watch out. he thought he could scale the rocks all by himself. we let him try for sure (but were most definitely close to catch him).

i think sawyer's going to be a very passionate kid. i don't think he does anything half-heartedly. it's all or nothing with him. oh, and don't try to get on to him for acting up. he'll look at you with his big brownish-green eyes and stick out his lower lip and cry this most pitiful cry. it's so sad, but also so unnecessary that we can't help but giggle.

it's hard to believe that he'll be a year and a half next month. half way to two. geez, we thought cayden as a two year old was scary; i'm not sure what to expect with sawyer. yikes! but so exciting all the same. oh, sweet nugget, you're keeping us on our toes... but i guess we kind of like it that way...

November 21, 2012

StitchFix #2


monday? monday was a fabulous mail day for me. i had been expecting my next stitchfix in the mail on friday and was uber-sad when it didn't show up friday. or saturday. but hey, it showed up monday along with my birchbox, so all around, a good mail day for me!

this time around i'd requested to have some things sent that were a little dressier that i could use for all the holiday fun coming up. i had jeremy help me snap some quick photos this morning of the three things that were in the running to be kept. and sadly, we'd left our camera at the office, so phone pics will have to do.

i loved that navy dress. loved it. but then i started thinking about a navy dress i bought last year (admittedly, not nearly as cute as this one) and realized i never wore it. navy's a hard color for me. i don't know what kind of tight or boot to wear. and while it seemed perfect for church, it was a little too fancy for an every day type of thing after the holidays. it came with a matching belt, but i thought this belt looked really good with it too (cool story? it was jeremy's pawpaw's belt!). and the black tunic? i thought i was going to love it. but it was pretty boxy and quite possibly a size too big.


oh, this lace top though! so pretty and feminine and definitely able to dress up or down. and i'm pretty sure i can wear this year round (right fashionistas?). i think i'll dress it up for turkey day tomorrow. and by dress it up, i most likely mean wear a pair of flats rather than toms. ugh, seriously, so challenged in the fashion department. it's almost hysterical. anyway, so black lace top is the keeper this round!

(and please to be disregarding the mess that is our bedroom behind me. we're filthy. ok, not really. but the mornings are a whirlwind and we leave that place a wreck most days.)


as a side note, if you're wondering what stitchfix is, it's this really cool company that will "style" you. you answer some questions honestly about your clothing preferences, size, etc. and a stylist will put you a box together. it's not a monthly things; it's a choose when you want it to come thing. if you're interested, sign up yourself! there might be a small wait list  but it's completely worth it to treat yourself to this every so often!

November 20, 2012

a lovely shower brunch


on saturday morning, my mom and i hosted a small shower for my sister. we made it a brunch because who doesn't love breakfast food? we went a little overboard and apparently thought we were cooking for 50 (rather than 20ish) and had tons left over. leftovers for breakfast on sunday morning for the win!


we all had a beautiful time. family came in for the festivity. old and new friends joined in on the fun. and a good time was had. we laughed. we ooh'd and ahh'd over the cutest little things. i played photographer and just had the biggest grin on my face all morning long.


i cannot wait to meet sweet gage. and i know there are plenty of others with my same thoughts. looking down on the face of another little nephew is just going to give me such joy that i'm not even sure how to put it into words. so while i can't wait to meet him, i'm ok with him staying put for just a bit longer. january 8 if we're going to be specific. so yay for a little bundle of joy coming shortly after christmas. it's going to be a good year.

November 16, 2012

instaFriday [11.16.12]

what a week friends! i've been so quiet around here this week. that's usually a sign of things going on at home and in life in general. and well? that would be the case for this week. you see, tomorrow we're celebrating my sister and the upcoming arrival of my newest nephew, gage. so i've been madly preparing things all week for her shower tomorrow morning. i'm thrilled that i'm getting to throw her this shower as i also helped throw her first shower for my now seven year old nephew. so many friends are having babies and i'm so excited to squish all their faces. eek!

but anyway, that explains my lack around here this week. hoping to correct that next week. so for now, i leave you with some fun grabs from the past week.


jade letting us know it's too bright without blinds / little gifts of toddlerhood we find around the house / finishing the master
little butts in the air while napping / nana found my old mouse ears, cayden approves / nugget had an ear infection
sawyer masters the cob / little gifts for sweet little nephews / coloring before dinner

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November 9, 2012

instaFriday [11.09.12]


nugget got stuck under the bed / his new favorite thing to do / happy about scarf weather
joy in a cup / big boy after bath / cute coffee cuffs 
baths morning & night when you poop so much / friday! / actually wanting his picture taken

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November 5, 2012

gangnam style

we took the jeep out on saturday. it'll probably be the last warm day of the year and we took advantage of it for sure. we don't usually make a habit of tuning in to the local pop/dance station, but for some reason we did on saturday. and i have to say, i'm so thankful we did! we caught this awesome/awkward angle of sawyer dancing (think phone held over a head and backwards). it makes me giggle every time i watch it! (oh, and apologies for the wind noise... but sawyer's hair blowing in the wind makes it worth it!)

November 2, 2012

a superhero, a ninja & a monkey, oh my


oh halloween. you're such a neat holiday for the kiddos. ok, and for the adults. we seem to have started a tradition last year of having my sister come over with our nephew. this year was no different EXCEPT that we got to start at my parents house (because they finally moved back to alabama!). we had some soup & grilled cheeses and went on our merry way. we got a bit of a late start i suppose as it was completely dark by the time we got going, but our boys were troopers and tried to hit up every house in the neighborhood.

sawyer even went up to a few doors, but then quickly became just as happy strapped in the stroller. he also had quite a little dance party in the stroller while my sister pushed him. it ::may:: have had something to do with the candy his daddy kept feeding him, but whatevs. everyone had a great time. & i'm most definitely looking forward to continuing this tradition again next year...

(also, someone please tell me why the 16 month old is the only one actually looking at the camera in the bottom set? these photos crack me up!)

instaFriday [11.02.12]


sawyer dancing in the kitchen / trunk or treat / naked piano playing
a sour & sweet afternoon treat / morning run before work / spiderman & a sock monkey
sick sawyer in brother's seat / taking a relaxing bath / passed out

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