October 29, 2012

trunk or treat


there are moments where are our kids look absolutely adorable and i think about all the great photo opportunities i'm going to have. trunk or treat at our church with the itty bitties dressed up in costume? yes! photos will be taken. lots of them!

& then reality sets in and you realize that while your husband is helping to run one of the spooky trunks, you're left with the 3 and 1 year old. which honestly, both require a hand because the place is packed. which leaves zero room for a camera in any hand. i snapped one quick photo before we got started of the nugget. and i only got this one because jeremy helped us all get to the festival in one piece and he was adjusting cayden's spiderman mask.

but you know what? we had a blast. sawyer ended up being completely uninterested in the trick-or-treating and was thoroughly content to sit in the trunk where jeremy was working. i'm not entirely sure how many smarties and twizzlers he consumed, but i'm guessing it was a lot judging from his excitedness the rest of the night. cayden and i? we went around to most of the cars and then spent some time in the bouncy house area. little man loved it! and we shared some cotton candy. and i ate most of it. and then the whole way home cayden repeatedly told me how sad he was that the cotton candy was gone. i promised him more sometime soon. and all was well.

1 comment:

kara-kae james said...

Oh but that little costume is ADORABLE!!!!!!

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