October 15, 2012

soccer scrimmage

Proud Parents

Smallest Guy

Someone Called His Name

Chasing The Ball


Soccer Medal

y'all? watching a bunch of 3 & 4 year olds "play" a soccer game? is out of control. white lines on the field? they mean something? ha! i swear, more game was played outside of the lines than not – mostly behind the goals. it was awesome, regardless.

cayden's not a very aggressive player. he was confused about not being able to kick the ball... but i think he wasn't quite grasping the concept of getting in there and getting the ball. he fell once and got kicked in the head, cried, stood up and ran back into the game. he was a trooper and ran after that ball with the rest of the kids. jeremy and i could not have been more proud.

all the kids got a medal after the game for participating. cayden still keeps asking us "what do i got this for?" we just tell him it's because he and his soccer-playing friends all won. and that seems to suit him just fine. and he says he wants to play again next year. guess we'll have to work on his skills in between now and then!

p.s. babylegs? make the perfect shin guard covers.


Micha Sorensen said...

baby legs as shin guards?!?! pure genius!

Joanna said...

AHHHHHHHHHH this is so cute.

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