October 18, 2012

boys day out


boys of the big variety and boys of the little variety. it's probably no secret to those of you that know us that jeremy has a jeep. a wrangler. it's the car i dreamed of having at 16 and the car my dad repeatedly said no to having. (who could blame the man? a 16 year old girl in a jeep? i think that's asking for trouble.)


anyway, fast-forward to this 33 year old who loves riding in the jeep on the road... but ask me to go trail-riding or rock-climbing in it, and i promptly close down and say no thanks. for real, the jeep gives me anxiety unless we're on a flat surface. i've tried going roughly three times. and each time i would come home and pry my hands from the grab bar. and my upper back would be entirely too tense for something that was supposed to be fun.


so the trail-riding fun has been relegated to my boys. this past weekend, jeremy took both of our itty bitties with him – sawyer's first off-road experience! they all went with another friend of ours (hey ricky!) who has a jeep too. (andplusalso? here's some evidence that sawyer will let someone other than me and jeremy hold him. he's finally getting over his separation anxiety. that, or he just really likes ricky.) they all came home dirty and wet... but cayden couldn't stop talking about his adventure. i like that they get to do these kinds of things.

as for me? i sat at home and had a mini dawson's creek marathon. it. was. awesome.

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