October 23, 2012

a fashion blogger, i am not

so there's apparently something that i'm really, REALLY not good at. taking photos of outfits. i mean, this was painful-hilarious for me. i was taking most of these photos in our full length mirror (please disregard the chaos going on in the room behind me) and i apparently can't even look in a mirror and aim the camera in the right direction. ha! so i'm giving you the best i have. some of these are phone photos, and for that, i ask your forgiveness in quality. ha, again!


ok, so stitchfix. miss kacia introduced me to this fabulous company a couple of months ago. and every time that she would post about it, a small part of me wanted to try it out, but that other part of me was afraid of feeling like a dummy – nothing would fit right, or i would become even more self-conscious of myself.

but stitchfix? they came through people. last night as i drifted off to sleep, i was for sure ready to purchase my entire fix. thankfully i slept on it, shot some photos to kacia this morning and i narrowed it down to keeping one piece (my husband and wallet will thank me for sure). but what's the fun in only sharing one of the pieces with you?


so with a little hesitation, some slight embarrassment and a lot of, "eh, what does it matter?" here are three of the five things in my box. why only three? one was a black sweater tunic that was near impossible for me to shoot without looking like a black blob. it also made my shoulders look too wide so it was a no go. the other item you won't see is a pair of earrings. they were lovely, but so not me. and  i also kind of forgot to shoot them this morning.


first up, this striped jersey dress. i do like this dress. although when i pulled it out of the box, i was definitely not so sure about it. i mean jersey? jersey shows every lump and bump there is. but the stripes of this dress and the pleats were so forgiving. and i really liked the way that it slimmed my hips. but this one? not the winner of the bunch (although a close runner up!)


next, this lovely gray cardigan. i fell in love with it as soon as it slid on my arms. the weight of it, along with the length of the sleeves had me at hello. it's also very easy to style. and it also looks like about half of my current wardrobe. so, while i'd love to keep this one too, it's going back. no reason to add something to my closet that i already have.


and third, the winner – this fish tunic! so unexpected. and a pattern i would absolutely never pick for myself. but y'all, the cut of this tunic is so lovely. and i think as i get more comfortable with trying out new fashion trends for myself, i can see how this little thing can be styled in many different ways.

want to try stichfix for yourself? get on the wait list here!


becca @ sewLOVED said...

yes! that! i seriously would cut half my body off in most of the photos. and by half, i mean like a shoulder and arm. i was so bad at it, but had so much fun too!

Joanna said...

Love the tunic! And I can't take a photo of myself in the mirror at all. It is hysterical how long it takes me to figure out where to put my hand and phone.

Jess said...

I love the tunic and the flowy sweater!

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