October 1, 2012

15 month check-up


jeremy and i were placing bets on how much sawyer would weigh at his check-up this morning. little dude feels much more substantial since his 12 month appointment.

j: probably 23 pounds?
me: most definitely. i'm guessing 23 and some change.

but we were wrong. little nugget is going to stay a little nugget forever apparently! he's still growing on the same curve though, so no worries there. dr c asked us all the normal questions: about his curiosity, his speech, if he was pointing to body parts...

wait, what? he's supposed to be doing that already? whoa. um, ok. but again, no worries. but you know what? as soon as the doctor walked out of the room, we asked sawyer where his nose was. (bet you've guessed where this is going) he pointed right to it! haha, little stinker is smarter than we gave him credit for. and looking back at cayden's 15 month check-up... it seems as though they take after each other as far as intelligence is concerned.

sawyer's 15 months stats:
weight: 21 pounds, 9 ounces
height: 31.5 inches
head: 19 inches


kara-kae james said...

My girls are the SAME way! They will not show off for the doctor, but as soon as they leave the room it's show off time!! ;) I felt like I was so on top of things with my first, but poor second child barely does anything! Oops! He's sooooo cute!

ObjectivityRach said...

Ha! I totally know that feeling of not realizing you were supposed to be teaching your kid something until the doctor said so. SO totally know that!

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