September 2, 2012

want to make your own labels?


great! it requires exactly two supplies. tshirt transfer paper and twill tape. the size of the twill tape you purchase will depend on the size you want your label to be. i picked up 1" tape because i knew i'd need that width to fit my logo. before i changed my name/logo and i was just printing my icon on them, i usually bought 0.5" tape. (you're also going to need a printer and an iron. i'm presuming you already have those on hand!)


start by designing your labels on your computer in whatever program you want to use. i use my design programs, but i'm sure you could lay something like this out in word or something equal to that. don't ask me how though; i'm kind of word/other program stupid. sorry.


when you're ready to print them, i have an option in my printer settings where you can choose your paper type. i set mine to tshirt transfers. when i choose this option, it automatically reverses my design. if you don't have a tshirt transfer option, look for an option to reverse your image or just reverse your image before you go to print. you want it to print reverse so when you iron it to your twill tape, it'll come out reading the right way.


i cut my labels in strips and then iron them to my twill tape. be sure to read your transfer paper instructions. mine require the highest cotton setting with NO steam. you want to be happy with your labels, so be sure to read carefully. also, trim your strips to be a little bit narrower than the width of your twill tape. you want to make sure the transfer sticks to the twill tape. if your strips are wider than your twill tape, you'll have overhang and run the risk of your labels peeling up later.


once they're ironed and have cooled off, peel your backing and admire your strips of labels! trim them out however you want to use them. i like to double mine over so that there's a logo on both sides. then sew something cute and put your label in them. pretty easy, right? oh, and if you're wondering, i have some wet bags that i've washed multiple times and my label has held up beautifully. now go make some labels!

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Becky said...

You are so smart, so creative. Love it!

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