September 16, 2012

small shop update


just in time for fall and cooler weather! although, cooler weather really has nothing to do with bibs... unless you're having a baby in cooler weather, and ta-da! this update has everything to do with that, right?

but i digress... when i saw the new lotta jansdotter line, i knew i had to have some of it. and when it arrived on my doorstep, i think i audibly oohhh'd and aahhh'd at the fabric. i immediately rushed off to joann's to match with some lovely coordinating fabrics. and then i think i fell in love with the fabric even more. such bright and vibrant colors yet they distinctly make me think of fall and warmth.

there are currently three new color combinations available in bibs. the bibs are a great size and have a layer of fleece in the middle to really help soak up the messes (without the messes soaking through the back of the bib and onto your sweet babe's clothes). and, if you've been waiting for the return of diaper clutches, you might see some of these combinations pop up again. you're welcome!

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