September 14, 2012

fun memories


last friday night, the boys had been tucked in bed when i got a message from one of our friends. all it said was, "come to tuscaloosa tomorrow." i read it out loud, looked at jeremy and immediately knew that we'd be going to tuscaloosa. i mean, we had absolutely nothing on our schedule for the day, except to watch football.


we woke up saturday morning and the day was so gray. i'll admit, i had my doubts about going to tailgate when we left that morning. it was pouring rain. POURING. but i just sucked up my doubts and went with it. and because of that, we were left with a beautiful, slightly overcast day in tuscaloosa. not too hot, not too humid. perfect really.


game day in tuscaloosa is a little crazy. we had sawyer strapped into the stroller. (which he was sometimes happy about and sometimes VERY unhappy about.) cayden had to hold a hand everywhere. (which he was actually very good about. thankfully.)


we walked all over campus and visited some friends in their different tailgating spots. and searched for big al everywhere. that was cayden's one request: to see the elephant. we finally ran across him where the trumpets with the million dollar band were practicing. big al started heading out of the area and jeremy literally stood in front of him so that cayden could see him. big al reached around cayden's shoulder and patted him on the back. the three year old's day? completely made! (so THANK YOU big al! we know you were in a hurry.)

around 2ish, the boys were starting to get all sorts of grumpy. so as the thousands (and thousands and thousands) of people made their way to the stadium, we made our way back to our car. that alone was like a video game – dodge the drunks! (and the really, really drunks. seriously thought one guy was going to take us out he was weaving so badly!) the boys crashed in the car and we made it home by the middle of the second quarter. roll tide!


kara-kae james said...

These pictures are ADORABLE!!! Is there anything more fun than football season?!?! :) Love your top too!!!

Amorga026 said...

Precious! Game days are so much fun! And where did you get that top? I love it!

ObjectivityRach said...

Next time come find us!! We would have loved to have met.

becca @ sewLOVED said...

we'll actually be at the game this weekend! where do you guys hang out? if we have time, i'd love to try to find you =)

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