August 4, 2012

so, um, hi there!

things look a little different, no? yeah, i finally made the leap to join my blog world with my shop world and get a more grown-up title. and you know what? i'm in love with what i came up with.

you see, it's two-fold. i mean, the obvious being the "sew" part. because i love sewing and creating things for myself and you. so, you know, duh. ha. and loved... well, i love doing these crafty things, but also? i'm so very loved. i have this awesome little family that my world revolves around. and the little "i love you's," whispered by my oldest at unprompted times remind me of that. and so, i wanted something that reflects how my heart feels.

and my heart feels so (sew, if you will) loved.

take a look around. layout is the same, but make sure all the links seems to be working for you. twitter was having a bit of a fit, so i was having a hard time making sure that link worked. and remember back in this post where i said i felt things where a-stirrin' in my heart? this is the first of those changes, and i couldn't be happier.

new contact information (you know, in case you want to update your things):
instagram: sewlovedshop

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