August 20, 2012

cayden's first day of school


ok, so maybe not first day of school in the sense that most people were talking today, but it was his first day of real classes in the 3k program at his daycare. we talked him up this morning and got him all excited. even asked him if he wanted to wear his pack-pack for a photo. he was all about it... even though he doesn't actually need a backpack since everything stays at school. it was still cute. he instructed me as to how to put it on his shoulders and everything. cause i mean, duh, how would i know what you're supposed to do with those things; i'm just a mama. ha!


and of course, brother needed to get in on the photo taking too. although i'm not entirely sure he understands that he needs to stand still to have his photo taken. he was cute too. and one day all too soon, he'll be off to enjoy his first 3k classes.


McKt said...

Too cute, look at that wink!

becca @ sewLOVED said...

i know! i don't even think he knows how to wink. or he's not conscious of that fact. too funny!

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