July 1, 2012

twelve months old


one year. twelve months. fifty-two weeks. three hundred and sixty-six days. (it was a leap year!)

no matter how you say it, this past year has flown by for us sweet sawyer. i mean, it was unbelievably fast and one that we're very glad we documented with photos and little video snippets. it's hard to remember what life was like before you joined our family, and it's definitely something that we cherish each and every day.

you rocked the last month of your first year. it wasn't an uber-exciting month... unless you count growing EIGHT new teeth as exciting. i mean, in the general scheme of things, it's pretty cool because now you can eat pretty much all the food. but those teefs wreaked havoc on all of us (and actually still are). but hey, since you now have fourteen teeth, there aren't too many left to come in before you're done for a while. so, yay!

you are crawling like a match has been lit under you. i think you might be the fastest crawler i've ever seen. you could walk if you wanted to, but you basically refuse. you stand for many, many seconds at a time and have moved one foot several times like you're about to take off... instead, you just sit and take off crawling. your pediatrician said we should probably be prepared for you to be trouble when you decide that you can walk. i'm not sure if we're ready for that!


you eat all table food and drink whole cow's milk. you made that transition very easily. switching over to sippy cups was more of a challenge, but we're proud to say that you've been sippy month free for at least a month, if not longer. you still love your paci and so far, we're really in no hurry to take that from you.

you like to talk a lot. sometimes it's words that we can understand: mama, dada, mo (more), ba! (ball) and buh buh (bye-bye). other times? it's most definitely some foreign language that you've made up. and i've recently decided that you would give ringwraiths (warning: lord of the rings reference) a run for their money with the way you can screech. it's ear-piercing to say the least!

we know that we're beyond blessed. and we're so happy that you came into our lives. thank you for keeping us on our toes and for making us smile every day. we could eat you up we love you so!

oh, and for those interested, one year stats:
weight > 19 pounds, 4.5 ounces
height > 29 inches
head > 18.25 inches

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