July 3, 2012

red, white & blue


the boys are both having their fourth of july parties at school today. and you know what that means? special treat time! i look back to the first fourth of july party that cayden had. and how we were the last people to sign up for something for the party and we ended up with sandwiches. we were so bummed, but made the most of it.

since then, we've tried to jump on the signing-up bandwagon as soon as those sheets are hung. we like to get creative and try to stretch our brains on ways to come up with new things. at halloween, we jumped on the owl cupcake bandwagon. seems like we did something kind of cool for the christmas party too, but now i can't remember if we did or not. (oh, hey look. we made cookies at christmas.) at easter? we opted to just give $5 for pizza. we got lazy.


so, for the fourth, we wanted to try to get creative again. and where do we go when we want to get creative? pinterest, of course! jello cookies for the win! and while the cookies we made turned out pretty, the recipe was a fail for us because we could not find any blue colored jello. we unloaded some blue food coloring on those puppies and let them fly. oh, and red colored jello? makes mostly magenta colored cookies. and adding red food coloring to them? well, you should probably wear gloves. that stuff dies your skin. i mean, not that i've learned from experience or anything. (but i have.)

we taste-tested the cookies last night. and y'all? best sugar cookie recipe i've ever tasted. it ::might:: have something to do with the three sticks of butter. maybe. or most definitely.

and just as a funny fact for us: we were trying to remember what we made for cayden's fourth of july party last year. then we remembered we'd just had a baby. and that's when we realized that we didn't send anything to cayden's party last year. just him. so our kid had a fun patriotic party that we didn't supply anything for. nice, right?

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