July 18, 2012

our big boy


y'all, short of sawyer being born last summer, our big boy has never spent the night away from us. (i know.) and even then, we saw him both days we were in the hospital. but for the rest of this week? he'll be spending some lovely time with his granna and poppa. two nights away from home. we won't see him again until friday. did i mention that he's not just down the road? he'll be at least an hour away, maybe a few minutes longer?

and i know it's fine. i know that it's good for all of us. but, what will we do with all the quiet time? little man is almost always talking. or singing. or yelling. or just making up sounds because it's so cool and how much longer can i do this until mama or daddy tell me to stop? whew.

i don't even think that jeremy and i know what to do with just one child anymore. sawyer goes to bed around 7. (and i bet sawyer's going to miss his brother like crazy!) it's like we're going to have all the free time in the world. which is trouble for us. tonight? we'll probably do some laundry. i might paint my toenails. oh, and we'll probably shampoo the master bedroom carpet while we rearrange all the furniture. yep. that's right. party at our house tonight. ha.

i already miss my cayden. and he's only at school right now. which happens every. single. day. silly hormones.

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