July 17, 2012

july birchbox


so, it may seem silly to do a post on this, but i've seen others doing it and i thought it was neat to see what other people got in their birchbox. sure, they tell you that your box will be customized to you, but really? i just presumed that everyone always got the same things. i couldn't have been more wrong!

each month when my little gift arrives, i get so excited about what might possibly be in it. and, being surrounded by all boys pretty much all the time, it's nice to have those little girly moments for myself. this month, i received:

– harvey prince hello perfume

– some earbuds

– eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner

– a lärabar sample

– boscia b.b. cream

– amika hair nourishing mask

– amika hair oil treatment

so far, i've tested the perfume (lovely, lovely scent, but pretty sure it'll give me a headache) and the hair nourishing mask. i might have to choke up the $40 to get the hair stuff, because, wow. my hair feels all pretty and looks healthier to me. jeremy tested my earbuds, and while they look happy, they apparently don't sound so happy. and i'll definitely be eating that lärabar sample soon (as long as my hubby hasn't beat me to it!).

and if you don't know what birchbox is, you should check it out. $10 a month for some fun girly samples! totally worth it to me. want to share what was in yours? leave a link in the comments!

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