July 25, 2012

hoop art swap

a couple of weeks ago, i was flipping through my instagram feed (i'm @becca7903 on there if you wanna follow) and came across a photo with some hoop art on it. across the picture were some words about a hoop art swap. mandy (@mandipidy on instagram if you want to follow her) was the genius behind the idea, so i emailed her immediately, knowing that i wanted to participate. andplusalso? it's always fun to meet new people and challenge yourself to come up with new ideas.


and lucky me? my trade partner ended up being mandy herself. gulp. ok, becca, time to pull something awesome together. (by the way, i LOVE the art i received. trying to find the perfect place to display it. i'm thinking somewhere in the master bedroom.)


so, you know, why not try embroidery for the first time in your entire life? sounds like a good idea to me. and so i did. i'm really pleased with how it turned out too. sort of a quilt-ish type background with some bright yellow embroidery on top. i really enjoyed getting to push myself doing something that's a little out of my element. good times for sure. so glad that i was able to participate!

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