June 7, 2012

sad baby is sad


sawyer is all sorts of sad right now. over the weekend he started running a fairly high fever (around 101). nothing really seemed to be bothering him. just tired and clingy. we kept an eye on the fever and it wouldn't come down below 100 for most of sunday. even with ibuprofen. poor kiddo.

when his nose started pouring and his diapers turned a little more um, fun?, we realized that it was most likely teething. i never remember having a problem with cayden, but for the life of me, sawyer does NOT want me looking around in his mouth. so i made him cry even more this morning while i did a little investigating.

currently, he has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. this morning? i discovered both his upper cuspids pretty much cut through (canines) AND i can see the shape of his upper one year molars pressing down on his gums. poor guy! funny thing? he still only has two teeth on the bottom. eight teeth looming on top, and two on bottom. um, that's strange, no? and when i tried to see if any little teefs were coming in down there, i couldn't find a sign of anything! i'm hoping all of them don't try to decide to come in at the same time. this making teeth stuff is hard, y'all.

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