June 19, 2012

perfectly imperfect


i was finishing up this sock monkey last night, and while doing so, i looked up at jeremy and said, "ya know. i think making this monkey is good for me." he looked at me questioningly. and i followed up with, "it's adorable, but not perfect. there's no way for me to make this little fella perfect."

and that thought kind of stuck with me throughout the night and this morning... with everything i do in my day-to-day activities, i try to do it perfectly. not to please other people, but to just push myself. and it's pretty obvious that i'm not perfect – i mean, who is, other than the Lord above? not putting that kind of pressure on myself seems, well, awesome.

with that said, i'm definitely going to try to take it easier . i'm not going to get lazy or anything. (good grief, if i could possibly get any lazier there would be some big problems. mainly the size of my butt!) but for real, less pressure on myself to perform perfectly, and more focus on how things are being performed.

some changes are a-stirrin' in my heart. and i'm kind of excited about it. psshh, who am i kidding? i'm really excited about it.

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