June 24, 2012

one of those moments

have you ever had one of those moments that you wish you could just repeat over and over again? in jr high, our trip to DC was one of those moments for me. in high school? senior prom and the trip i took to europe over spring break are definitely stand out moments. college? sheesh, i'm sure there are plenty of moments that i should NEVER do over again. ha!

but as a grown up (well, an older adult who likes to pretend to be grown up)? my wedding and honeymoon were definitely that moment for me. until our children were born.


and friends? the moment we welcomed our first son into this world was a moment i will never, ever forget. i can still remember almost every detail of it perfectly... and that's going on a little over three years ago. it was a scheduled induction and couldn't have gone more smoothly. (except for that minor little incident with the epidural leaking. that? i could have done without.) those couple of days that we spent in the hospital, just the three of us, as a brand new family are still so perfect in my mind.

because everything went so smoothly with cayden's delivery, i was sure there was no way that sawyer's could go nearly as well. i was wrong. so, so wrong. with sawyer's first birthday coming up on friday, i thought back to the moment that our family of three became a family of four. and it was equally just as amazing as the day we welcomed cayden. again, another scheduled induction. the hospital stay was fabulous. and i probably had the best epidural of all time. the only thing i'd change about sawyer's stay if i could? that one nurse forcing formula on us. oh, i know all that lady wanted was for our son to be fed... but nevertheless, all was well and we came home with a second little boy.

i hope to do that day at least one more time. no worries, it won't be happening any time soon. have you guys imagined the cost of THREE in daycare? yeah, we'd have to move into a cardboard box somewhere. so we wait until cayden's in big boy school. and until then? we'll just picture another perfect moment to look forward to.

our big boy is three years, one month and four days old.
our little nugget is five days shy of his first birthday.

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