June 11, 2012

eleven months old


we started your eleventh month off with a bang! we headed to the beach for a week and had a lovely time. you crawled all over our condo and the beach. most days you slept while we were down by the ocean, but when you were awake, you loved it all!

you have continued to pull up on everything and are seriously cruising on anything that will hold your weight. you've started standing for several seconds without support, but still seem very hesitant to take a step. again, we're ok with you not being able to full on run after brother quite yet.

speaking of your brother, you adore him. and also annoy him. but hey, isn't that what little brothers are for? you want to be doing whatever he is doing. and much to cayden's disappointment, that means that you're both "learning" to share. 

you love to squeal. really, really loudly. you also like to cry. you ::might:: be a little spoiled, so when you don't get your way immediately, you definitely let us know that you aren't happy about it. you have the most precious face when you get excited about something and make a pretty funny noise while doing it. your eyeballs open real wide, the corners of your mouth pull back and you make this "eeeeee-ing" noise while breathing in. it's mama's most favorite thing at the moment.


you love food. any food. i'm not sure that we've found anything that you've disliked yet. you've adjusted well to formula. which worked out as you slowly weaned yourself from nursing on your own. this mama's sad for that time to go, but also knows that you need to get out and explore things on your own. and i'm proud to see you do so.

at the end of this next month, we'll celebrate your first birthday. we can hardly believe that you're going to be a year old. this year has flown. and we've enjoyed each and every minute of it. happy eleven months, sweet boy.

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