May 9, 2012

ten months old


so i got behind on the monthly updates and can't seem to catch up! and then i get all confused about what actually happened in your technical month so i have to go back and read your last one to make sure that i didn't already write about it. i'm just awesome like that. ha.

on the first day of your tenth month, you decided that crawling was a go! and haven't stopped since. you love going to all the different rooms of the house and like little exploring parties. so far, your favorites are following around your brother and crawling to mama and daddy's bathroom and pulling up on the bathtub. you went from not being mobile to being mobile with a vengeance! pulling up on everything. cruising around. no walking yet, but that's definitely ok!


you now have six teeth! on the first day of your tenth month, you also decided that eating real food was finally ok. this mama and daddy couldn't have been happier! the puree stage is definitely not my favorite. and while feeding yourself is usually always messy, i still love the independence you must feel while shoveling food in your face. and boy do you shovel that food in. we joke that as long as there is food in front of you, you'll keep eating. we're trying to work on sippy cups. you're slowly understanding how they work, but we're still not quite there yet. you also still nurse morning and night, and have three bottles throughout the day. i'm guessing we're quickly coming to the point where we need to drop some of those feedings... but i honestly can't remember when that should happen.

you're an awesome little kiddo. it continually amazes us how different and how alike you and your brother are... it also amazes us how differently we can love you and your brother. also amazing? the relationship you and your brother are forming. it's so, so beautiful and we can't wait to see how it grows.

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