May 3, 2012

out with the old...


a couple of months ago i decided that i was ready to upgrade my sewing machine. there was nothing wrong with the one i had... but i knew there was a better machine out there for me. my singer was what i learned to sew on. it hammered out each stitch the way i needed it to. (and when i saw hammered, seriously. it hammered. it was loud.)


i saved up my shop monies and even requested cash for my birthday to save up for my new machine. problem was, i had no idea where to start on a new machine. there were tons of options to choose from. tons. some of which were very affordable, and some? most definitely not so affordable. i decided on a janome. a what? yes, a janome. they've been around for years and several people had told me that they loved theirs. i purchased it through amazon on monday morning. and last night when i got home? there was a package waiting for me!


i sadly packed away the singer (no worries, it's going to a fabulous new home to teach another new beginner!) and ripped into the janome box. it's pretty. like so pretty that i know my new sewing machine is a "she." she did look a little intimidating to me at first. she has lots of buttons to push and is electronic. and while i didn't have anything to sew last night, i still had to thread her and see what she could do on a scrap piece of fabric.


y'all? i'm in love. she's quiet. and her stitches stay consistent. and i just can't wait to dive in and make some new lovelies with her. maybe i should give her a name... any suggestions?

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