April 11, 2012

nine months old


well, nine months plus almost two weeks... but who's counting? sawyer, this month marked a pretty momentous moment. (is that redundant? i'm thinking yes.) anyway, nine months living in my belly and now nine months in the outside world. wow. three quarters of a year old. sigh.

you had a pretty fabulous month. as long as we don't talk about the hives episode. yep, we discovered that you were allergic to penicillin in a not-so-fun way for you. but you handled it like a champ! you rocked teething while your four uppers all tried to come in at the same time. two of them actually cut through on your nine month day. not the two that most would think though; it was one of your central incisors and one of your lateral incisors. (no worries, i looked it up on a teef chart. you're welcome.) the others are currently working their way in... but during your ninth month, you rocked two bottom teeth and two partial top teeth.


you were all about trying to crawl. you were an expert at rocking back and forth on your hands and knees. and even mastered the backward scoot. you are nursing twice a day – morning and night – and have forumla bottles while you're away from home. you eat three solid meals a day. most of them are still purees, but daycare has been persistent in trying to give you more adult food, so we've been following their lead.

your brother is probably your favoritest person to watch. but your eyes still light up like crazy when mommy or daddy walk into the room. you've had a little bit of separation anxiety, but have a tendency to quickly warm up to people you are unfamiliar with. oh, and your most favorite thing ever at the moment? grinding your teeth. stop this soon? please, and thank you.

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