April 18, 2012

new products (& a silly nugget)


there are some brand new lovelies in the shop today. i added seven new diaper clutches and about that many sets of new burp cloths. i'm loving the fabric on these and will be pretty sad when that fabric runs out. (ok, not all that sad because then i get to buy new fabric. and well, i kind of love doing that!)

also, jeremy and i celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on monday. although we were all feeling a little sickly, we thought it would still be nice to get out and enjoy dinner together. there's a great little place next to a waterfall that has a huge deck. so we chose to go there. and since there was a lemon in a water glass, we got the obligatory lemon shot! big brother was a little bit older when we got his first lemon video, but it's just as fun to go back and watch. (as a side note? look how blonde cayden was when he was little!)

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