April 10, 2012

easter weekend


sometimes i can't come up with the words i want to say. easter weekend was beautiful. in so very many different ways. the weather was gorgeous. perfect, even. so perfect that we ventured out on saturday morning to our church's easter egg hunt.


it was cayden's first time hunting eggs. aunt "jimmy" even stopped by to help hunt eggs! i was afraid it was going to be one of those situations where all the older kids rush out and get all the eggs before the younger ones even have a chance. thankfully it was not one of those situations. they had different areas of the church campus set up for different age groups. i really liked that idea...

...until we got out to the playground where cayden's age group was supposed to hunt. a hunt it was not. there were a gazillion eggs, but they weren't hidden at all. we quickly realized that he was near the upper end of his age group and that maybe he should be hunting with the older kids.


we rushed him out there. and? all the eggs were gone. that's ok though. cayden had a blast and had gathered a few eggs on his "hunt." (p.s. there were some cupcake shaped easter eggs. cayden loved those and kept picking them up saying, "a happy birthday easter egg!" so, so cute!)


we got back inside and the easter bunny was there! and... cue epic toddler meltdown. cayden wanted absolutely nothing to do with the big white bunny. i can't really blame him. i have a somewhat irrational fear of people dressed up like characters. (don't believe me? ask my family. disney world at 14, was, um, interesting to say the least.) thankfully we have a willing infant. sawyer was kind of in awe of the easter bunny. we'll see how much longer that lasts. ha.


easter morning brought the easter bunny to our house. (oh, and yes we had to convince the toddler that it was ok for the bunny to come. but only WHILE he was sleeping. i can't imagine the hysterics that could have ensued, but thankfully cayden settled down and went to bed.)


at our house, the easter bunny leaves a trail of eggs from the boys' rooms. it leads to their baskets. and each egg holds a small treasure (this year? a quarter in a few, with dimes in the others). cayden would pick an egg up, shake it, hand it to one of us and ask sweetly to, "open it, mommy?"


the easter bunny isn't ever quite sure what to bring the baby of the house. but the bunny had heard that we were going on a vacation to the beach in a few weeks so he brought some beach toys! and some old-school pinwheels. those? have been the biggest hit. next to the plastic eggs, of course.


we were able to snap a few photos before church of our little family. getting all of us to look at the camera at the same time is highly entertaining. but you know? that's just how it goes sometimes. we had a fabulous service at church and then went to my sister's house for lunch. where i think we probably all ate a little too much food. but it was just so good!

hope everyone had a lovely easter!

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