March 1, 2012

a sinking feeling

there's not much worse than sitting at work and you see your child's daycare number come up on the caller ID. you tentatively pick up the phone, not real sure of what you're about to hear. that? was my morning.


after a quick conversation, it was brought to my attention that sawyer had a rash break out on his legs, arms and neck. he was breathing fine, so it wasn't an emergency, but most definitely an allergic reaction to something. i reflected back on the past 24 hours, trying to think of something he might have eaten that was new. and was coming up short.


i got to school to pick up the nugget, and there were rashy spots starting to come up on his face. little guy couldn't seem to care less about it. he was happy as a lark that mommy had shown up at school! and in the middle of the day! i ran by jeremy's office and together we decided that it most definitely needed to be seen by the doctor. appointment was set for 3:30...

i came home, fed sawyer and then he was down for a nap. i'd stripped him down to just a diaper; clothing seemed like it would bother the rash. when i heard him stirring from his nap, the rash had spread. more spots on his face, legs, arms... but still nothing on his trunk. i started flashing back to when cayden was a wee one... and something seemed familiar...


our pediatrician walked into the room and almost immediately declared it hives. hives? yes, hives. if any of you have been around for any amount of time, you might remember this episode with cayden. weird thing? sawyer just turned 8 months yesterday. cayden was about two weeks shy of his eighth month day. a little strange, right?


turns out that our smallest nugget might be allergic to penicillin. he was on an antibiotic, and apparently an allergic reaction to that can take up to a week to show up. boo. little guy seems to feel fine. but man, does he look awful! the hives are popping up all over now. his upper chest is covered in them. here's to a speedy recovery for him and that they continue to not bother him!

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