March 29, 2012

nine month checkup


we had sawyer's nine month well-kid checkup this morning. good thing too. cause he's sick. again. another double ear infection. and tubes were kind of mentioned this morning. we'll still wait until he's a little bit older just to see if maybe the infections will slow down some. but if not, tubes for sawyer too. yay?

other than that, little nugget is doing awesome! we'll shoot his nine month photos tonight hopefully. his eyes have been a little gooey due to the ear infections, so we didn't really want to document all that. even though we did share cayden's first gooey eye experience (warning: don't click on it if you get the heebie-jeebies easily. for real.).

oh, and apparently one of sawyer's top teeth (of the four currently trying to break through) has cut through! know how we know? cause while we were at our appointment this morning talking with our doctor, he started grinding his teeth together. world's worst sound? yes, indeed. i'm guessing we'll be hearing that a lot now. i mean, new teeth are exciting for these little people. they have to use them however they can, right? O_o

sawyer's nine month stats
weight: 17.1 pounds
height: 28.50"
head: 18"

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