March 23, 2012

my sweetheart. my buddy.


it's 4:32. 

he hasn't woken up this early in a few weeks.

itty bitty feet slap the hardwood floors as he makes his way to our room.

first a ragged, loved, stuffed puppy is thrown over me.

the thirty pound two year old follows quickly.

he lays in the space between me and jeremy.

i face him; jeremy faces toward the windows.

he backs his little body into the curve of mine.

settles his head on my pillow.

readjusts his head, and BAM! 

my eye socket shoots out light, he hit it so hard.

i roll in the other direction to avoid getting hit again.

"tell mommy you're sorry," jeremy says.

i tell him i know it was an accident.

"i sorry mommy."

a little hand reaches across my back.

gives me a hug.

and he settles in again.

against my back.

sigh. please stay little.

just a bit longer.


the photo above was taken this weekend. when cayden decided he didn't need a nap.
um, little dude passed out on the couch around 4ish that afternoon.
& it was probably one of the cutest things i've seen.

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