March 14, 2012

mobile baby alert. but only kind of.


when cayden was a a baby, we were always pushing for those next milestones. first teeth, first babbles, eating solids, etc. at 7.5 months, he started crawling. it was a fun day and we couldn't have been more proud of him!

sawyer's pushing 8.5 months and not crawling. but with sawyer, we really haven't pushed the issue. we're not pushing for those next milestones as quickly because time seems to be slipping by so fast already. jeremy and i were perfectly content to have a non-mobile baby for as long as possible. but now? i think the time has come! sawyer is officially scooting backwards, and if i remember correctly, cayden started moving forward not too long after his backward movement.

little man kept me entertained this morning. he'd roll this way and that. then push up on his hands and knees and move backwards. under the bed. always under the bed. no matter which way i faced him, he'd end up under the bed. highly entertaining!

oh, sweet sawyer, it's not going to be long before you're chasing after big brother. i have a feeling our home is about to get a little more wild...

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