March 9, 2012

a little wave


so i'm going to brag on my hair for a bit. well, actually, i'm going to berate my hair first. it's an interesting color for starters. sure, it's considered red, but let's get honest, it's orange. bright orange. even my two year old told me it's orange.

but that's not the point of this... i actually like the color of my hair. it's got great natural highlights. i once got lowlights put in it (dark chocolate) and the color of my hair ate them up in a week. i suppose that's God's way of telling me to not color it. it gets darker in the winter and a much brighter shade of orange in the summer. it's kind of fun that way...

... the texture of my hair though? not so great. maybe texture's the wrong word. let's pretend i let it air dry. the left side of my head actually dries in a natural, almost pretty sort of wave. (note that i said almost pretty. it's not pretty enough to just wear it that way.) the right side dries stick straight and big. it's not a pretty mixture. at. all.

so when i saw a tutorial on how to get pretty waves out of your hair and it looked easy, i was all over it. even my first go at it looked really good. a little word of warning though? i burned the poop out of both pointer fingers the first time i tried it. my left pointer finger had a burn about two inches long on the front side. but hey, lesson learned and i haven't done it since.

anytime i'm feeling a little ugly, i whip out the curling iron and go for it. it immediately gives my hair a lift, and in return, makes me feel all sorts of beautiful. and people, if you know me at all, you know that i don't like to talk about myself... but i felt the need to share this little tidbit so if any of you are having an off day, you could give the curling iron trick a little try too. just watch out for your fingers!

(p.s. i also tried some morrocan oil this week. my hair isn't super-coarse feeling, but oh my goodness! this stuff makes it softer than i've ever felt it in my life. love. and that brand is a good price too!)

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