March 22, 2012

a little walk around our 'hood


we went out for a walk after work/school the other night. pizza was on the menu for dinner, so we preheated the oven and set out. as always, we asked cayden if he wanted to walk or ride his bike. i believe he jumped up and down while responding, "bike! i wanna ride my bike."


so we suited him up for his bike. and to our surprise, he actually started pedaling. & forward! we got him this bike over a year and a half ago. up until monday night, he was happy to just push himself around not using the pedals at all. we were so proud! and right as we reached the big hill, cayden decided he was finished riding. daddy was the hero, carrying the bike back to the house.


sawyer got to ride in the stroller. i love this stroller. and if we could justify the amount of the double version of this stroller, we'd be all over it. cause then we might start running again. maybe. or not. who knows?


the evening was lovely though. we were able to get out and use up some of that energy that usually seems to stay around for bedtime. dinner was enjoyed and the kiddos went to bed around 7:30. jeremy and i headed upstairs to work on some other things and came back down around 9ish. to find cayden on the couch. reading a magazine to buzz and woody. sneaky little bugger.

and please, enjoy this rad video of cayden riding his bike. it makes me smile all big...

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