March 20, 2012

happy spring!


the last few days of winter (ha, haha, hahahahaha!) were absolutely beautiful here in the south. i think it was around 84º this weekend. we had a soccer game and outdoor birthday party to attend. this mama kind of forgot about sunscreen. i guess since it's still march, my brain is having trouble comprehending the fact that a sunburn can still happen. and it did. so yay for outdoor activities, but boo for sunburns!


it's nice being able to be outside more. cayden runs wild and actually sleeps past 5 a.m. and yes, i'm for serious when i say that he normally wakes at 5. and that's on a good morning. we usually hear him stir around 4:30 most mornings. so when i get out of the shower at 6ish and he's still asleep? we're happy. (now, if only we could get this to happen on the weekends. he's notorious for waking extra early on the mornings mama and daddy can sleep in.)


sunday afternoon our church had a picnic at a local park. it was my first time at this park. and it. was. awesome. miles of green grass for running around. a great pavilion for eating. and two, yes TWO, ginormous playground areas for the itty bitties. sawyer actually fell asleep in my arms while we were watching cayden play.


we're really going to try to take advantage of these longer days. tonight? we have a walk around the neighborhood planned for after dinner. it'll probably be getting dark by the time we make it back home, so we'll take a couple of flashlights with us just for safety. and cayden? that boy loves himself a flashlight. here's to starting new spring/summer traditions for our little guys!

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