February 21, 2012

a tag blanket


one of the things that fascinate sawyer the most? tags! on his stuffed animals, the boppy, a blanket... seriously, you name it and the child loves the tag on it. i never understood the tag blankets until about a month ago. cayden never seemed interested in that sort of thing, so the light bulb never went off when he was little. since the nugget was showing such an interest in tags, i decided it was time to make him a tag blanket. and i'm so happy with how it turned out! whenever he gets his hands on it, he shoves one tag in his mouth while his fingers work on other ones. adorable, to say the least. and it's the perfect size at 15" square... pretty sure it's not going to stay this clean-looking at this rate. but i want him to enjoy it, so whatevs.

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