February 7, 2012

listening? now that might be a problem!

little guy was completely blown away by the fact that both TVs were showing the same show. at the same time. confusion for sure!

we had cayden's follow-up appointment with the ENT today. unlike our first appointment there, this one only lasted about 30 minutes. we checked in with a nurse, saw another nurse who checked out his ears/tubes and off we went for another hearing test. the lady we saw this time was much more friendly and let us watch through a window while our big man played the hearing games.

my stomach started to sink when i could see her lower a decibel number, see no response at all from cayden, and then she'd slowly start bringing the decibels back up. i thought for sure our little guy had permanent hearing loss. jeremy and i just kind of looked at each other sadly and readied ourselves for the outcome.

in a surprise turn of events, the audiologist took the headphones off, put them on herself and then proceeded to ask when the last time the headphones had been calibrated. could it be? his hearing might be fine, just the equipment was faulty? our audiologist friend came out of the testing room and ran some different tests not using the headphones. & cayden responded perfectly!

"congrats, his hearing is perfect!"

whew. and yay! and then we were done. we don't have to go back until next february just to make sure everything is still looking good. and, if we have any problems with his ears, we can call the pediatrician or the ENT. know why that's good? co-pay at the pedi's office is only $30. the ENT? $50. i'm thinking this mama and daddy will be seeing the pediatrician in the event of ear problems.

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