February 17, 2012

a fun little valentine's day

earlier this week, the plague hit our house. ok, not the plague really, but something equally not as fun. it all came about on sunday night. we'd been out of town visiting my parents, and that evening something felt off. i shrugged it off as being tired and went to bed at like 8:30. around 11:30, i woke up and things were definitely not ok. at all. after something that could equal the exorcist, i finally settled into bed and slept the rest of the night.

woke up monday morning and things were still not right in the stomach regions. add to it? body chills. fun, right? jeremy and i chalked it up to me eating something bad. until 10 a.m. daycare calls. cayden apparently showed them his exorcist puking skills as well. (seriously, the kid was standing up, puked and only had some splash on his shoes. impressive.)


cayden and i snuggled in bed together while jeremy worried he'd somehow managed to give the two of us food poisoning the night before. i called my parents then. guess what? both of them got sick too. talk about some sort of contagious bug. and none of us had eaten the same things...


anyway, because cayden got sick at school on monday, he wasn't allowed back on tuesday. cue sad music... our little guy was going to miss his valentine's party. of course, being 2, he had no idea. we started the morning with some fun cards for the boys and they each got a cute stuffed animal – an elephant for sawyer and chocolate-smelling bear for cayden (omg. the bear? i wants to eat it.). cayden struggled with the fact that he wanted the elephant for a bit... but i finally convinced him the bear smelled so. good. that he should have it. so he did.


jeremy and the nugget left for the day. and cayden and i started our mama/son day date. first up? a movie enjoyed on our couch. we tried out "where the wild things are." i really, really loved it. i think little man was confused though. he kept asking to watch "wild things." i think he must've been expecting a cartoon... but he quit asking about 20 minutes into it and paid attention.


after our movie, we headed out to target to pick up a few supplies to make a treat after naptime. then we were off to chick-fil-a for lunch! my plan was for him to wear himself out on the playground. after about two minutes on the playground, little guy came running out, all distraught looking. seriously so sad. i later learned that a boy had hit him, that it was an accident, that i needed to tell the boy "no-no!" and all was well. thankfully cayden still fell asleep on the way home. i squeezed in a little "breaking dawn" (don't judge!) during naptime, but had to turn off before it ended. boo.


we tried out the pretzel/hershey kiss/m&m treats i've seen floating around everywhere. one change for ours though – peanut butter m&ms. seriously, try it with those next time if you've made them before! cayden was such a great helper and really enjoyed getting to cook with mama. he had a little trouble unwrapping the kisses (admittedly, i did too), but we got it all together.


such yummy little boogers. a little salty. a little sweet. and oh-so-good!

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