January 29, 2012

seven months old


oh, sawyer, not only did we celebrate a new month this time 'round, we also celebrated a new year! no worries though. you didn't really miss anything big. we were all asleep! but that's ok. beauty rest is important. for both you and daddy and i.

this month you decided that solids were good. you've continued to eat them like a champ and here's hoping that you have a little weight gain to show for it! you're also still nursing (five times a day on the weekends!); during the week, we've had to start supplementing with formula to keep up. we mix formula with breast milk and it doesn't seem like you even noticed a difference.

you still absolutely hate tummy time. i'm pretty sure you're quite alright with just sitting still for the time being. in fact, daddy and i have convinced ourselves that you're just not going to crawl. you show no interest in it at all. and that's fine. maybe you'll just skip on to walking. as a side note, daddy and i would be fine if you waited a while to do that, ok?


you are more and more aware of things going on around you. especially your brother. the two of you have played together quite a few times this month. and when cayden decides to be uber-hyper, you think it's pretty much the funniest thing ever.

and speaking of, we found your tickle spot this month. under your arms! you take after daddy in that respect. i'm ticklish pretty much anywhere... but your tickle spots are just like daddy's. your laugh is like none other. it's most definitely more of a chuckle. it brings big smiles to my face.

we continue to fall more in love with you with every passing day. you are our little nugget. we love you so.

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