January 19, 2012

playing together

yes, cayden got in his cube all by himself. yes, sawyer had help. (duh.)

yes, i have a slight obsession with the buffy series. no, i never did get season 7. it's still on my list.

yes, i have a few workout videos. and yes, some of them do get used. sometimes.

no, that's not me in the background. it's the boys' aunt "jimmy."
her actual name is jenny but cayden calls her "jimmy" and we all think it's adorable.

yes, that's snot running down both of the boys' faces. it's gross i know, but the point is the cuteness of playing together, right?

i know this is only one of many times that cayden and sawyer will play together... but this is the first time that they've actually really played/interacted together. it touches my heart in ways i didn't even know was possible. so i can only imagine how my heart will feel when they start rumbling and tumbling together. and i can't wait to see how their relationship develops over the next few years.


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