January 5, 2012



we had our first meeting with the ENT doctor yesterday. to say that i was a bit anxious about the appointment would most definitely be an understatement. but it went well. the outcome of the appointment was pretty much what we expected. tubes will be put in his ears on january 25.

what we weren't expecting was to hear that our little boy has some hearing loss. poor thing! one ear was worse than the other, but of course i can't remember which was which any more. he constantly has fluid on his ears which is what is causing the hearing loss. the hearing-tester-lady (technical term, promise!) that worked with us seemed pretty confident that what loss he does have should come back, but she also wouldn't guarantee that it wasn't permanent. so we'll see about it all once his tubes are in. i guess all the "huh's?" we've been getting seem a little more warranted now. we're still working on a nicer response than "huh?" though. that? doesn't seem to be going so well. ha.

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