January 24, 2012

drips of drool


jeremy snapped this shot of sawyer at school this morning. it literally takes my breath away. and it wouldn't be a photo of sawyer without the drip of drool on his chin. i double-checked last night and there doesn't seem to be any more teeth trying to cut through. he's just a drooler these days i suppose. oh, and if you look closely enough, you might see a sneak peek of a brand new bib design hopefully coming to the shop soon! (and i say hopefully because it's taken me forever to get things done lately. mama of two is a busy mama.)

and now that sawyer is totally hogging the blog this week, look for an update on cayden tomorrow. he has his tubes surgery tomorrow morning. we have to be at the doctor at 6:45. please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning if you don't mind. pray that everything goes smoothly and that cayden has no anxiety tomorrow morning. also pray that this helps with his insistent ear infections and that it also helps his hearing recover. thank you so much!

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