November 29, 2011

five months old


sawyer, this month has been such a great month! you celebrated your first halloween. you were able to dress up as a skeleton to go trick-or-treating at mama's office. and then on halloween night, you dressed up like a fireman. we ::may:: have recycled your brother's first halloween costumes, but they were just too cute to pass up!

we also celebrated your first thanksgiving. we did it twice! the weekend before the holiday, we spent with your nana and pop. on actual thanksgiving day, we spent the day with your granna and poppa. both places included a lot of food and family. you weren't quite old enough to enjoy the food this year, but you definitely enjoyed all the family.

you found your feet this month too. and it's completely ridiculous. your big brother was never fascinated with his feet, so it's fun for all of us to get to experience something new. if you don't have a hand shoved in your mouth, you're most definitely trying to get your toes in there.


while you aren't quite ready to sit up on your own, you prefer to be sitting rather than laying now. i'm guessing that during this next month you'll most likely master this skill of sitting all on your own. oh, and we pulled out the exersaucer. i'm pretty sure that cayden still enjoys it more than you, but you'll figure it all out soon enough.

sawyer, we all fall in love with you more every day. there's something special about you. and we thank the good Lord for all that he's given us in you (and your brother!) every single day.

November 21, 2011


i don't really have any photos to share from the weekend quite yet, but the weekend involved a santa visit and a visit to ice. so, in the meantime, enjoy this little video of sawyer. especially his expression at about 30 seconds in. it's awesome and makes me laugh every time i see it.

November 17, 2011

new shop update & a few random things


there are most definitely a few new items in the shop today. yay!

oh, and did i ever tell you that the night before we left for the beach to shoot a wedding, jeremy kind of broke our dSLR? (just the lens, but still. yikes.) yeah, that's cool right? luckily i have an awesome sister who let us borrow hers and its two lenses. otherwise, we'd have been in a bind (to say the least).

and because said sister is so awesome, she let me borrow a lens to shoot the new products. i tried to with my point and click... and yuck! with it being dark in the mornings, and dark at night, there's just no time to shoot them during daylight anymore. and that measly little flash on the point and click was KILLIN' me. too bright. too dark. too, too, too. you name it and it was bad. so yay for sisters!

and then this one time last month, i decided i was crazy and would see if i could get my shop listed on heartsy. luckily the board that reviews everything wanted to work with me (yay!). my sell went live this morning. um, it's sold out. someone's got a lot of work to do over the next month. gulp. wish me luck?

November 8, 2011

over the weekend...


... we went to orange beach (alabama) for a wedding! i'd never been to orange beach, but with it being on the gulf coast, i knew that it would be just as beautiful as the florida beaches i grew up enjoying. and i was right!


only problem was the wind. good grief! we took the boys down to the beach to play in the sand and the wind kept taking sawyer's breath away. poor little guy. thankfully by the time of the wedding, the wind had died down.


the place we stayed was fabulous. we were in a penthouse. a four bedroom penthouse, to be exact. and we tried to pretend we were all fancy, but really, we weren't. we shared the place with jeremy's sister, parents and aunt and uncle.


this place was HUGE though. and even with that many people, it didn't feel tight or overcrowded. we didn't remember to take photos of the place. (except for the freakin' bathroom. and even our bathroom wasn't the largest in the condo!) there is however a video tour of sorts. ahem, please enjoy. (if you get motion sickness, you might want to skip it...)

but back to the reason we were there. jeremy's cousin was getting married and asked him to be the photographer. you want us to come to the beach and take photos of you? um, ok! so here's a sneak peek of a few photos. shot by jeremy, edited by me. (and holly, if you're peeking, these are filters i added to these shots; the original ones will still be on the disk you receive!)


November 2, 2011

we get excited...

... around here sometimes. and arms start flapping. and random noises come out. and sometimes big brother makes even louder noises in the background. these little moments are so fleeting. so, so happy to have caught it on film to be able to remember forever.

November 1, 2011

he definitely received some treats!


halloween this year was a new experience. cayden understood it. and after hitting up the first house, he was a pro. thankfully, he had his older cousin to show him the ropes. (p.s. they were both so polite. my sister and i were very proud mamas.)


neither of them quite understood the idea of ringing the doorbell once. but that was ok. i'm sure when our lovely neighbors opened their doors to these two cuties, it made up for the fact that their doorbell had been rung three times and the knocking was pretty much non-stop.


cayden very much was in charge of his candy. while his pumpkin was getting quite heavy, he was not a happy camper when daddy tried to carry it for him. and now that i think about it, i wish we had take a little video of him walking around. honestly? with the way he was walking, a penguin costume would've been much more appropriate. we'll just say that he's got waddling down to a tee.


the night was awesome. plenty of other little trick or treaters. and a few older ones who hadn't even bothered to dress up. had i been home handing out candy, i'm not sure that the teens without costume would've gotten any treats. i mean, come on, at least put a little effort into something.


we got home and all of our cheeks were a little pink. cayden was all about his candy stash... but with it being so close to bedtime, we only allowed one indulgence last night. (although thinking back, about eight houses in, cayden was getting pretty slow... so jeremy gave him some whoppers for a little pick-me-up. what? he needed some energy!)


it was a great night and perfect first time trick-or-treating experience in our neighborhood. and this mama is looking forward to seeing what goodies she might be able to indulge in tonight after our little shark goes to bed.
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