April 28, 2011


friends, yesterday was an ugly day in alabama. and it's given me a very heavy heart this morning. i'm not sure that any county was spared some damage. from straight line winds to unbelievable tornadoes... hardest hit? tuscaloosa. it was my home for four years, and i can't help but tear up when i see the photos and footage.

i saw this video last night. it looks like it belongs in a movie, doesn't it? by the way, that's bryant denny stadium right in front of the tornado; home of the crimson tide football team. and don't even get me started on the desolation on 15th street.

i've got word that my friends and family there are safe and unhurt. but there are many, many others who aren't ok. who no longer have a home. who aren't sure where to go or what to do. please say a prayer for our state and keep us in your thoughts.

adding one more video that i just watched. it's a little long, and the guy that filmed it is probably a moron for staying so close, but without his bravery, we wouldn't have this video. um, wow.

April 27, 2011

{wordless wednesday} orange flowers


and a couple of words cause i can't keep my mouth shut for very long! whenever we ask cayden what color something is, his answer is always, "bleeeuuuu." so to cayden, these flowers are bleeeuuu. big smiles.

p.s. these were on the table when i got home from work last night. husband scored some big points.

April 26, 2011

on having a sick child

is there anything worse than your child feeling bad? i can't think of anything off the top of my head. and the worst part of it all? there's really nothing we can do. we know he's running a fever. we know (and hope) it's got to be teething (cayden's entire hand shoved into his mouth is a good sign). we know we're going to be changing runny diapers at least once an hour, if not more often.

Asleep Beanbag

but the screams from your child when you have to change those diapers? is heart-breaking. his little butt would probably glow in the dark it's just that red. we're switching between diaper rash cream and baby powder. and while i know that a bare bottom would be best in this situation, it's really not doable with the things that keep coming out. & unfortunately, a sick cayden, is also a cayden that says "no" to wanting to go outside. ugh.

Following Daddy

so while the kiddo is pitiful, this mama and daddy is taking advantage of the cuddle time. and yes, we even pulled the pacifier back out and it seems to help. and hopefully he'll give it up just as easily and he took it back. (and could he look any cuter being sick?)

April 25, 2011

easter, bunnies, bubbles & more


easter started out with a visit from the easter bunny. and unlike last year, cayden kind of got what was going on! even more fun for me and jeremy! the easter bunny left a trail of plastic eggs filled with a quarter each (cayden scored a whole $1.75!) from cayden's door to his easter basket. cayden picked up each egg and shook it... and as we got to another egg, he realized he was out of hands and would excitedly pass them off to me to go get another egg. and me? i just had this stupid huge grin on my face the entire time.


after cayden explored his new things for a bit, we got dressed and made our way towards jasper to enjoy easter service with jeremy's family. oh, and i should mention at this point that cayden woke with a slight fever, but with a little love and ibuprofen, he seemed to be ok. since the drive to jasper takes around an hour, he was able to sleep on the way and only managed to be slightly grumpy when we got there.

Being Silly

when church was over, we went back to granna and poppa's house to enjoy a fun cook-out for easter lunch. while lunch cooked, we took the opportunity to take some photos outside since the day was gorgeous. some ginormous bubbles were blown and fun was had.

Bubble Dancing

lunch was ready after a while and grumpy cayden was back. we quickly realized his skin was on fire. much worse than the slight fever he woke with. we wrapped things up with granna and poppa and headed on our way home. we got about two miles from their house before we heard puking from the back seat. since we were experts on side-of-the-road clean-up, i took to cleaning cayden up while jeremy attacked the car seat. and wow, toddler puke? so much worse than little infant puke. wow.

30 Weeks

we made it the rest of the way home without incident (thank goodness). took his temperature (102) and decided a cool bath and more ibuprofen were in order. poor kiddo. still dealing with a fever and now runny diapers. and i swear it's still his two year molars that are causing all this trouble. it seems like they've been trying to cut through for-ev-er. gah! here's hoping that cut through soon and this fever mess goes away soon!

April 21, 2011


guys? i'm gonna get honest here. sometimes? i get discouraged. like really discouraged. not in my personal life. no, no. that area is perfectly fine. the area i'm talking about is in my small business. i have all these great ideas (and i do my best to jot them down to remember them), and when they're executed, i'm head-over-heels in love with them.

but then i see someone else doing something similar. and i get discouraged.

or say, the shop is doing really well. selling things left and right. then there's a bit of a dry spell. and guess what? that woe-is-me feeling is back. which really? is just silly. i mean, all the pressure i feel to do good with my shop is self-inflicted. which again, is just dumb. there's no reason to put all this pressure on myself.

so then, i have to sit back and reflect on why i'm having these feelings. and you know why? because i'm all, "it's all about me, me, me." but it's not. it's not about me at all. i'm just this little person in this huge world. and guess what? i'm not in control. the good lord above is the one in control. and when i stop and think about things that way? the pressure lets up. and i just let things ride.

and when i let things ride like that, i'm in a much more peaceful place. which is currently where i am. and there's a verse that i love so much that keeps these thoughts in perspective. and i wanted to share it with you guys. but instead of just sharing it all typed out, i (of course) had to design something. so friends? if you'd like, i created this little image and i'd love for you to download and print it out and hang it somewhere. and then whenever you're feeling discouraged, it'll hopefully help re-center your thoughts too. (you can right click, save it to your desktop and print it. p.s. if you want a higher-res version of it, just shoot me an e-mail and i'll send it to you.)

me? i think i'll print myself a copy and hang it over my sewing machine. it'll be a constant reminder that i'm not in charge. and i like that.


April 19, 2011

crib sheet = done


i finally got my butt upstairs and got my craft on over the weekend. that's right, friends! i finally got one (of two) crib sheets made. this is the second one i've ever made (the first being for cayden's room when he was still in the crib) and i am thrilled to say that this one turned out so. much. better. maybe it's because i feel a little more confident in my sewing skills, or maybe the tutorial i used this time was just a little more accurate.


can i tell you the biggest pain about making a crib sheet though? (and also probably the most time consuming?) threading that freakin' elastic through! thankfully it's a really mindless task and super-easy to do while watching tv. but i think it took me somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to get it all the way 'round. otherwise? making this crib sheet was a piece of cake! i have one more pattern that i want to use for the other sheet (and we have a solid white sheet left from nursery 1.0), then i should be able to move on to the crib skirt. yay, progress!

Photographer Assistant

and we can't forget the photographer's assistant, can we? he followed me in the room and kept shoving his arms through the crib and yelling "cheese." so one can only presume that he wanted his photo taken too. love my little helper. he's going to be a fantastic big brother!

April 14, 2011

we have a closet system!


friends, i know this post is about as boring as they get. but can we just rejoice in the fact that the closet system has been installed in the nursery? wahoo! we installed a couple more shelves in that top part after i snapped this photo, but you get the general idea. now i just have to get all the itty bitty clothes from the attic, wash them and fill this closet up! oh, and fyi, newborn diapers? are tiny! i don't remember them being that small. but they totally are.

April 8, 2011

what a silly thing

Silly Boy

so it turns out that cayden wants to start dressing himself. which is totally awesome with us. we most definitely want to encourage his independent spirit and help him develop creatively. (i mean, with two creative parents at home, we absolutely don't want to stifle anything.)

but when said child wants to wear a long sleeve jersey on a day when it's going to be 80-something degrees out, what do you do? you let him wear it, of course! the sad cries of "roll tide" were too much to take. and believe me, he completely freaked out as jeremy tried to put an undershirt on (more "roll tide" cries ensued, but the undershirt did go on). once a pair of shorts were found to kind of go with it, he was all good to go.

he proudly walked around the house this morning saying "eme-fant" and pointing to the small elephant logo on his chest. and then he cheesed it up for the camera this morning. good grief, i love this kid!

April 5, 2011

so, remember last week...

... when i mentioned that the nursery might not be ready for an infant to come home to? well, here's proof. i'll be 28 weeks tomorrow, so that gives us 12ish weekends to get things in order. sawyer? you better stay put for a while, ok dude?

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