December 22, 2011

teacher's gifts

when i talked about getting crafty earlier this month, i had no idea what i was really getting myself into. i finished up our tree skirt; it turned out quite lovely.

::reminds self to take final photos so that i can post them at some point::


and i got the grandmother's scarves made. they loved them! so that was fun. then, at some point this weekend, i decided that i needed to craft up cayden & sawyer's teachers a little something. by the time i added up all the teachers/helpers/directors/chefs, it equaled 12 gifts. no big deal. i can do this! and i did do it. and, of course, it took me a lot longer to finish them than i thought it would.


but guess what? those teachers? they love the handmade items too. it all pays off in the end. and you know what's awesome? i was able to make myself a little coffee cuff too. and my coffee? it looks happier than it's ever looked before!

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