December 29, 2011

six months old


i know. i can't believe it either. sweet sawyer, you're already half a year old. even though we've begged for time to slow down, it hasn't listened and keeps flying by. but that's ok. seeing you grow and watching you learn is well worth it.

you celebrated your first christmas this month. and while you didn't really understand what was going on, you most definitely got a kick out of watching big brother play with all the new toys – both his and yours! you also experienced your first real sickness this month. you developed a nasty cough and mama and daddy thought we should have it checked out. seems as though you're following in big brother's footsteps – double ear infection! ugh. but with some antibiotics, your cough cleared up. you're a trooper though; never once did you act like you felt bad. you looked pretty pitiful, but that's a whole other story!

while you were on your antibiotics, mama felt the syringe hit something pretty hard on your lower gum. and sure enough, we discovered your first tooth the week before christmas. not to be out shown, your second tooth popped through just days before christmas. so two teefs for you so far!


you've found your love for sitting up this month. you're managing pretty well with sitting without support. no worries though, mama and daddy are always close to catch you if you start to fall. your interest in big brother has grown substantially this month. just this morning, the two of you were "playing" together.

while you're still exclusively breastfed, we have tried a couple of solids. first was oatmeal. you didn't much care for it and shoved it all back out with your tongue. we tried applesauce next (suggested by dr. c to help the antibiotics be easier on your tummy). and well, that went about as well as the oatmeal. during christmas we tried itty bitty chunks of banana. and score! you didn't want a ton of it, but you did mash it all up in your mouth and swallow it. so this mama considers that success. maybe we'll try out sweet potatoes tonight to celebrate your six months!

sawyer, this next month is sure to be full of all sorts of surprises. we can't wait to discover them with you.

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