December 12, 2011

poor fella


i suppose we knew it was only a matter of time before sawyer had his first real sickness. sure, about a week after he started daycare, he got a bit of a runny nose. but that was super easy. this past weekend, he developed a cough that sounded like he'd been smoking for years. his eyes were so watery that he'd just keep them closed rather than open them at all...

so this morning, we made a trip to see his pediatrician. i was about 90% sure that we were dealing with an ear infection. (and oh, how i had hoped that maybe we wouldn't have to deal with ear infections with sawyer.) got him in the room and bam! he was running a fever. um, jeremy and i hadn't even thought to check that. doh. anyway, his doctor took a peek in his left ear and in a matter of seconds said, "yep, there's a mess in there. let me check the other one." and, sure enough, a double ear infection. ugh.

i'm glad we went in and got it checked out. antibiotics have been prescribed, so we're already on our way to getting better. even though i hate that the nugget has been so pitiful, i'll admit that i didn't mind staying home today and squeezing in as much snuggle time as i could. i mean, the snuggles can only make him better that much faster, right?

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