December 6, 2011

on being "home"


why yes, we do wear halloween jammies in december! and since they're sized for 6-12 months, i'm guessing we might be wearing them in march too. ha!

we attempted to give sawyer oatmeal this weekend. and he seemed like he wanted to like it. but his tongue thrust is still really strong; he doesn't quite get how to keep it in his mouth and swallow. that's all good though. we'll try again in a couple of weeks. with him only being a little over five months old, i'm happy to keep him exclusively breastfed for a while longer.

sunday afternoon was met with both of us holding a sleeping boy in our arms. sprawled across the couch, there were pillows thrown in all directions for us to try and get comfortable. there was a cat somewhere draped across one of my legs. and our sweet, sweet boys... sawyer in my arms and cayden sprawling across his daddy's lap.


that little moment? it took my breath away. and i whispered to jeremy, "these are the moments i want to remember. i wish we had a photographer standing in the corner to freeze this moment in time for us." he just looked at me with a look that said, "yep, i agree."

eventually the sleeping babes woke and chaos ensued. that's just the normal for us these days though. and i think if it had stayed quiet for much longer, jeremy and i wouldn't have known what to do with ourselves. but oh, being with my little family... it's just home.

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