December 13, 2011

holiday photo fun


we ordered a new lens for our camera a couple of weeks ago. it came in last thursday and we've pretty much been shooting with it non-stop. it's a 50mm for our nikon that we've talked about getting for-ev-er. and now that we have it, we're not entirely sure what took us so long to finally just do it. but we did, and we're just so excited.


and now that we've declared ourselves PHOTOGRAPHERS (ha!) and that we must shoot ALL THE THINGS (ha, again!), we had a little photoshoot on saturday morning. since we have two cuties now, we absolutely have to send out cards this year. (we did it when cayden was a baby too. last year? not so much!) you know, and since christmas is um, less than two weeks away, why not just now order the prints? last minute, i tell ya.


the photo that made the cut for the card is cute! but you won't see it in the this mix. instead, here are some other very cute options that we'll cherish forever. and we'd like to thank our whisper kitty for being the model while we got everything set up. also? many thanks to sawyer. he put up with a lot while big brother joked around. it was actually pretty funny. these two? they are most definitely going to be the best of friends. oh, and trouble. they're definitely going to be trouble.

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