December 9, 2011

getting crafty

with the holiday season coming up quickly (um, two weeks away people. TWO WEEKS!), i've decided that i should just make ALL THE THINGS right now. and by ALL THE THINGS, i mean a tree skirt, christmas presents for all the grandmother's, stockings (that one is SO not happening this year) and other odds and ends that might come up. i have gotten the fabric for the tree skirt and i'm really excited to start on it this weekend. we'll see how that goes...


and then, there are precious moments that spring up that require some things to be made quickly. precious moments like the birth of a baby boy to one of our very dear friends. and if you knew our friends, you'd really understand how precious sweet baby lowen's (cool name, right?) birth was yesterday. i cannot wait to go meet him tonight! with that being said, last night, i whipped up a pretty cool diaper clutch for lowen's mama to carry around.

i think if i could live with chevron-printed everything around me, i might. of course then, i'd probably get really tired of the design and end up hating it all. so that's a bad idea. i'll just relish in the moments that i can create with it. and the blues and greens in this chevron get me every time. (after all, this babe looked really cute wearing it!)


i also grabbed some newborn diapers. (and oh my goodness, even though it was only five months ago, i forgot how good those itty bitty diapers smell!) and picked up some long-sleeved sleepers. i remember going through at least two sleepers a day when sawyer was brand-spanking new. oh, and wipes to fit in the clutch of course. but the cool part? i could fit one of the sleepers, the wipes, and SIX newborn diapers in the clutch. grab a blanket and you're set for at least a few hours with a newborn, right?

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